Pathos study

Protocol summary:

With the emergence of non-operative approaches in the treatment of rectal cancer, there is an increased interest to comprehend patients’ decision-making process when choosing a particular treatment.
This pilot study seeks to provide information to patients regarding present available treatment options and their related side effects.
Additionally, for those patients that are interested in participating, we are proposing to explore their treatment preferences and tradeoffs for toxicities in order to have a better understanding of socio-demographic factors related to their decision. This study does not have an impact on patient’s actual treatments as it consists of two online questionnaires. 

   Patient population group

All patients with recal cancer are elligible

Inclusion Criteria
Newly diagnosed rectal cancer patient based on histo-pathological confirmation
❏ Operable patients who will be receiving treatment to the pelvic area
❏ Capable adults older than 18 years of age
❏ Capacity to sign a consent form
❏ Capacity to answer questionnaires on an online platform


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                                                                                                             Alix Legrand – Clinical Research Associate
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                                                                                                              Aubrée Brodin – Clinical Research Associate

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