Claude Krynski

Senior Director of Development


The mission of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation (JGH) is to promote the advancement of health care and medical research for the citizens of Quebec by supporting the Jewish General Hospital, an affiliated teaching hospital. at McGill University which offers tertiary care. I arrived at the Foundation in 2009, the same year that I met Dr Te Vuong and discovered brachytherapy. My journey with Dr. Vuong has since been marked by tremendous experiences with her and the generous donors convinced of the importance of her discoveries and the quality of care provided to her patients. 

Thanks to the trust that Dr. Vuong has developed with our donors, they have provided the necessary funds for the acquisition of special equipment, called the little robot Xoft. The latter treats different cancers and in particular colorectal cancer, Dr Vuong has also created for this robot applicators / rectoscopes specific to the treatment of this cancer. Since then, his patients who have benefited from the care of the little robot have been greatly grateful to him. Another great research to which large and numerous donors have contributed is the Morpheus research. 

Thanks to this research, DRE Vuong demonstrates that brachytherapy treatment alone can eliminate rectal tumors and thus avoid other treatments such as surgery leading to the installation of a sac. The JGH Foundation is a vital partner of the Hospital. Professionals like me who work there are proud to contribute to the development of financial resources that help to heal, heal and save lives. Dr Vuong is an internationally renowned physician and researcher whose primary mission is to help her patients. Our mission at the Foundation is to support the Jewish General Hospital. If we are successful, it is thanks to researchers like Dr. Vuong and thanks to individuals, companies and foundations whose caring spirit and generosity make it possible to accomplish wonders.