Slobodan Devic


From 2001, dr Devic was actively involved in development and clinical implementation of the High Dose Rate (HDR) endo-rectal brachytherapy techniques. His contributions are related to the the image guidance and dose optimization procedures.


Slobodan Devic finished his studies of physical sciences at the Faulty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1989.

At the same university, he obtained his M.Sc thesis working in the experimental non-ideal plasma physics in 1991 and his Ph.D thesis in the solid state physics working on new high temperature super conducting materials in 1997.

He entered the medical physics field in 1998 as a post doc at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in Saint Louis, Missouri. Working as a member of Jeffrey Williamson’s group, he was developing experimental techniques for verification of Monte Carlo dose calculations for brachytherapy applications using plastic scintillator materials.

In February 2000, he enrolled the AAPM accredited residency program at Medical physics department of McGill University. As of March 2002 he was a staff member of medical physics department in Montreal General Hospital. At the end of 2008, he moved to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal to setup a new brachytherapy program in brachytherapy suite equipped with a CT simulator.

Since 2006, Dr Devic teaches Physics in Nuclear Medicine to Medical Physics students, Nuclear Medicine Residents, and Diagnostic radiology residents. In 2007 he became a Fellow of the Canadian College of Physicist in Medicine (CCPM), and as of 2009, Dr Devic is a member of the Editorial Board of the Medical Physics and Physica Medica journals.

Apart from his clinical duties, his research interest is pointed towards endorectal brachytherapy, GafChromic film dosimetry, and PET/CT based treatment planning.

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