New avenues in the non operative management of patients with rectal cancer

New Avenues in the Non-Operative management of patients with rectal cancer 

October 13,14,15th 2022 International Conference 

Montreal, Canada 

Over the last two decades, the watch and wait approach initiated by Habr-Gama has attracted support among multidisciplinary care delivery teams and patients. There is presently a wide diversity of phase II/III strategies under investigation. This meeting aimed to bring together main players exploring these different options with either chemotherapy, standard radiation therapy, targeted radiation therapy/surgery and to open a multidisciplinary discussion on means to better select tumors and patient population to achieve a more personalized therapeutic index. The meeting offered updates on recently published trials, introduced new technological and innovative options, presented on-going translational research that will contribute to this field, and offered an invitation for a multidisciplinary discussion and collaboration effort among world experts in the field. On October 13th-15th, world leaders in their fields gathered in Montreal, Canada to discuss New Avenues in the Non-Operative management of patients with rectal cancer.  

Videos Recordings Day 2 - Innovative Technologies and Sciences behind the Scenes

Video Recordings Day 3 - Clinical Trials Updates and Challenges: Time for Discussion